Hi, I was given a guitar from a friend and don't know if it is good or not. I want to start learning classical guitar and am not sure whether to just buy some new strings for this guitar or buy a new guitar. It didnt originally come with the pickguard.
See photos of the guitar here.
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@Hannah: what name is on the headstock? If not there, look inside and see what model/brand it is please.
it says audition on the top, and says it on the inside. im not sure whether its also meant to say woolworths on the label in side aswell because when i google it the label seems to say woolworths at the bottom but mine doesnt.
thanks, it wont let me upload the pictures because they are too big. It seems that Audition was the UK name for Tiesco. Like Lays in America are known as Walkers in the UK. If you know what i mean
OK, then the wiki article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teisco is informative. I guess as Woolworths were not known for high end goods the guitars are probably cheap and cheerful. That doesn't mean its not a good guitar, Japanese guitars are usually quite good quality. Look some strings aren't going to break the bank, so try that road. Buy some nylon strings and I hope you get on OK and get as much enjoyment out of playing as the rest of us here.
I tuned it up before and tried playing it and i don't think that it sounds too bad for a guitar with a broken string and second hand. I looked at a youtube tutorial on how to play Romanesque/Romance? or something like that. Thanks for the help, what does anyone think about the yamaha c40 classical. is it ok, or a waste of money