Hello, all.

I'm 48. I've owned guitars since i was 13, but never committed enough to practice, so i currently... suck. I got involved in synths and such, so the guitar sorta became secondary. But, i'm now obsessed. Hoping to become 'competent/accomplished' in the next five years.

I currently have an EVH wolfgang, but have been practicing since Jan 1 only through my iPad. I need an amp.

I initially thought i would just get a cheap-ish practice amp, but as is my tendency, when i start researching things online, i get deeper and deeper, and now i 'need' a Marshall JTM-45..... Okay, i know that's not realistic. So, that's the kind of sound i want. That, or a Friedman Brown Eye.

I had planned to put about $2,000 into an amp and some additional guitars. I want to keep the EVH (with Floyd) tuned a half step down for just my VH stuff. I wanted an HSS or HSH Stratocaster, and a PRS SE Tremonti Custom with a Tremol-No.

As for amps... I want a low-wattage tube amp, as i need to be able to get driven sounds in an apartment complex. Something that comes down to 1 or 5 watts. My thinking before today was a Peavey 6505 Mini Head, and a used 2x12 Marshall cab. It's not that i want to only play Van Halen. Actually, i want a 'classic' sound that includes the ability to do EVH. I like Jimi, AC/DC, Pat Benatar/Neil Geraldo, Deftones, Linkin Park's early stuff.... So, Marshall Plexi and Rectifier-ish stuff(?).

But, today, i 'discovered' the AmpliFire, and was pretty impressed by the Friedman models as played on the Anderton's youtube channel. But, that's $599. So, now i'm wondering if i should go cheaper on the amp head, and get the Amplifire, or just stick with a quality head. Options? I dunno — Orange Micro Terror + Amplifire? Versus just the 6505MH (or ValveKing II Micro)?

Anything else? I was advised to try the Backstar HT-5rh, but i haven't been impressed by its sound. Is the HT-1 voiced the same? I don't need gigging volume — just in-apartment practicing, but i want something that will keep me inspired.

Other options:
Bugera — not a great reliability reputation?
H&K — ?

Thanks in advance.....