I just got a nice new Gibson Montana Strap a friends Gibson J-15 and I was wondering if this strap worked with an Acoustic guitar with only 1 strap button? I am new to this I am not sure if there is a way to make the leather tie into a strap, or he need 2 strap buttons to use it.

Some people tie the strap off above the nut if they have only one strap peg. That's what I did on my Dean. You have laces through one end of the strap, right?
I'm kind of surprised that Gibson hasn't made provisions for the secon strap button, the way just about everybody else in the industry has done.

Tying the strap at the top nut, is a very traditional way of doing it though. It might be expected from Gibson, in the same way they cling to the old way of nitro finishes.

Fender puts a reinforcing block in the upper bout of most (?) of their acoustics, and supplies the second button there. Their guitars balance very nicely using that strategy.

Taylor and Epiphone, (along with a a host of others), place the 2nd strap button on the bottom of the neck heel, about halfway between the bottom of the heel and the underside of the fret board. Again, this method provides security and good balance.

I appreciate that this is an expensive guitar, so boring holes or gluing block inside are a big step.

You might want to tie your strap on the top of the neck as TobasRex has suggested, at least for the time being, until you can find a tech or a luthier you trust to add the 2nd button.

I don't know what that tiny mod could do to the resale value, but it is something you might investigate.
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