it originally started as a hard rock song revolving around those harmonized guitars you hear at the start of the song but then i decided to take it in another direction as an exercise in creativity and this is what i've got 2 rockstars and 6 hours later.

its rough but i wanted to see what people thought and maybe i'll work on it more after getting some early critiques.

if you've got any stuff you want me to lend an ear to shoot it my way!
Sounds like a good song. I don't know if you have another drum machine or drum software, though the fast cymbal gets kind of annoying after it runs for awhile in my opinion. At times the guitars sound quite unique & good. Vocal melodies are pretty good, though the vocal audio quality could be better. I think it is worth spending more time on it to get it more polished. Please review my music at this link:

swell intro, i could see how these leads would fit a hard rock vibe, but I kinda dig where this has fallen into. It has edge but laid back at the same time. The growly bass is a nice anchor to some of the more abstract layers that come in. I think the lead guitars could be lowered in the mix a little without losing in their clarity - the vocals end up sounding relatively quiet when they go at once. The interplay of guitars in the 2:50s is my favorite part so far, great give and take going on. It sounds like after some uncertainty a lot has fallen into place for you with this track. My best advice would be to keep working at it while your creative juices are still flowing and incorporate the critiques as they role in here. Waiting for the critiques might end up doing more harm that good cuz it seems like you're on a role here. I think a lot of elements are in place to have a finished product around the corner, but I would experiment with alternatives to the current drum sounds you have as they are a little stiff and dry compared to the rest of the mix. If you're just using a drum machine or whatever though I'd worry about that last. For now, keep pushing yourself to continue that exercise in creativity youve began and see this through to the end. If you keep working quickly i think you'll be surprised at how close you really are to having a nice polished piece of music here

lend me your ear?