All the 90's Emo and music inspired by it you can handle. Then some more. Don't check out this thread drunk unless you're prepared to have that girl you crush on be creeped out that you liked a photo of her from 6 years ago by accident.

Ooooh I like this quite a bit. The intro and lead part is wonky to begin with and dissonant but it works well. The vocals are softer than what I expected, but they work well with the lighter playing. I'll admit I am trying to rehear the vocals and lyrics to see what they actually are, but so far they sound to be in line with what they were expected to be. The dynamics of the song work well, and yet keep on being unique as well as awesome

This is for emo stuffs right? Okay, cool, I need help with something.

So, years ago in a thread Blake posted a link to an emo-y post-hardcore band who had 2 vocalists and an album cover with a white horse on a pink background. I've been trying to find the thread he posted that in but I can't find it and it's killing me not knowing who the band is. So, can one of you help me find the band?