Hey all, I don't really know how this all works, so if you can't help perhaps you could kindly point me in the right direction

I'm an absolute novice at guitar (despite a large sum of money going towards lessons over the years...!), however am not a complete disaster once I've got some chords in front of me...

Is there somewhere within these forums I can ask someone with legitimate talent (i.e. - not me!) to chart a song for me? I've had a look on UG and elsewhere and can't seem to find the chords for "Right Here" - Rudimental anywhere. That said I could be looking blindly!

Any assistance greatly appreciated!

I will gladly take on this challenge for ya, Emily, if you wish. I can hear the progression very clearly ^^ are any kind of chords (major, minor, etc.) okay with you, miss?

Enjoy and please take the time to rate it 5 stars for me please.
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