New to recording -

Wondering if i'm putting too much energy into trying to remove all noise -


I have a 2i2, Sm57, Macbook / garageband (though doesn't matter, i've tried audacity, same)

When i record my guitar amp. To provide the right amount of gain to the mic for constant signal i always pick up some noise (60 cycle hum).

Rather than let my OCD consume me, I'm wondering if it's just normal to pick up some noise. It's not what I would call excessively loud noise. But if i dial back the gain on the mic i it goes away, so i know it's there.


Thanks in advance,

From my experience with all mics i've used, i've used Rodes, SM's, MXL's, in all cases, the second they start being noisy is usually when the mic's gain is too high, and you should dial it down until you shouldn't hear any or maybe you'll be fine with a bit since the actual music noise will mask the mic noise. When recording an amp you should dial the amp up and not the mic, most interfaces will keep giving mics gain despite the outcome since different mics have different levels at which they will feedback.
Guitars just hum. Fenders tend to hum worse than Gibsons so ignore and record away. You can go in and edit quiet guitar passages if you like so no one will notice hum in your finished project.
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