So hopefully I can get some good feedback from you guys that will help with my conundrum I'm having. Im looking to buy either a small but powerful PA system or keyboard amp within the next few days and I can't really take the advice of a sales rep. I'm looking for something I can run my computer or iPad out of.

So here's my setup... I guess the heart of it is my boomerang 3 looper. Its has 2 in's and 2 outs. So I run my PRS HB2 in the B3 (boomerang3) and out a fender blues jr. Then I run logic/my computer or iPad (using iRig keyboard for midi) into the 2nd in of the B3 and right now I have it coming out of a fender acoustsonic 30. My conundrum is, once I get drums, bass, keys, pads, synths ect... running through the acoustic amp it starts popping and peaking and sounds bad and Im sure that can't be good for that little amp.

So should I buy a PA system or get a bad ass keyboard amp or bass amp? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! The reason I run them both into the B3 is so I can keep everything in sync. I loop the beat (drums) I want, then bass or rhythm guitar and so on and so on. If there's an easier way to do my looping, I'm open to those suggestions too. I feel like I need a 3 input on my B3.

Like I said I really don't want to spend over $1000 but I will if it's going to make life easier. Thanks, I'm looking forward to the feedback!
Get a PA, it will serve you better and for more applications.
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There are several options open to you.

"Keyboard" and "Acoustic guitar" amps simply extend the frequency response beyond that of a standard guitar amp. Most of the better ones will have a low frequency driver in a ported cabinet plus a tweeter. If you're not using the amp for FX, however, there are better options.

Robbgnarly is on point when he says that you probably want to look for something for more applications. A PA-type speaker (these are Carvin PM12As, with 400W RMS in each cabinet) will work really well. The *pair* of these is well under your $1000 budget:

Another option, if you're working mostly in your house, is a decent pair of powered recording monitors. These are KRK Rokit 8's, with about 100W total power each, an 8" LF driver and a tweeter. They're more compact than the PA type speakers, but are capable of producing deep bass and clean highs and more than enough volume for a normal size room. You can add a subwoofer to the pair within your budget if you wish.

Ok great thanks guy! So the Carvins will be able to support everything Im pushing through them at small-medium sized venue levels? I just worry when I have bass, drums, keys, pads running at once then attempt a pitch bending solo that they will peak?
Agree that the Carvin or EV ZLX powered PA speakers are the way to go. You can run everything through them and as long as you set your input levels carefully to allow for dynamic peaks, they will not overload or sound crappy.

If you don't pay careful attention to input gain, everything sounds crappy.