Hi all,

I've been playing acoustic for about 25 years, and thought I should upgrade, so I picked up a Furch G21-SW for around $1350, originally strung with Elixir PB 0.012.

I've used Elixirs for years and always loved the sound on my cheaper guitars.

On this Furch, however, I find them to be too active, too bright and metallic, and the G seemed to have extra sustain.

So I got some D'Addario EXP16 (recommended by the shop) for $27, but they sounded too flat/damped, especially the low range.

I switched back to the Elixirs, and of course the G snapped - apparently not the only one who's experienced that.

It seems like with the Elixirs, the sound comes more from the strings, than from the guitar, compared to other string types.

I am searching for the full and rich low range Martin sound....but with a non-Martin price tag....and at first I thought I found that with the Furch.

Now I am beginning to wonder if I have to get a Martin anyway....

But this is not an easy game, because it is hard to really get to know the guitar at the shop, and how it sounds with different string types before you buy.

Should I start the process and try out x different strings now, or should I just try to return the guitar and get a more expensive Martin - it's been about a week since I got the Furch.

Alternative is spend some weeks and try out various strings, and if I dont get satisfied, I have then to dump it at the private market, with a loss of course....as I cannot afford a $2000 Martin in addition to the Furch.

The Furch guitars are no doubt high quality, that is pretty evident when you hold it in your hands. But will I ever find strings that give me that deep and rich Martin sound... as from the D-28.

Furch has been said to be a "Martin killer"....but with what strings?

Using Elixir as a standard string type, when knowing that they add a lot of their own harmonics, seems to me to be not quite fair to the guitar...and the guitar shop guys even admitted that Elixir was not the best choice for those Furch guitars.

Which strings do people use on a Martin D-28, or HD-28? Will I ever get close to that sound on my Furch? Any advice is much appreciated!
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Martin makes its own strings...?
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Martin makes its own strings...?

Sure, like the Martin MSP7200 Lifespan M 13-56, with Cleartone coating....

I know that Johnny Cash only used Martin, D-28, D45 etc. He even had a special black Martin made in secret only for him, as the factory owner was opposed to a totally black Martin. Anyway I wonder which strings he used ... but it was probably Martin strings.

But listen to his "When the man comes around", with the damped strumming mainly on the upper three strings. This kind of damped strumming is very hard with super active strings like Elixir, as you get a metallic click-clack coming through somehow.... Anyway the guitar shop did NOT recommend Martin strings...without offering any good explanation.
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Sorry to dig up an old thread, have you considered trying a different pic I use primetone/Ultex pics to give me that extra bright tone, you could try nylon or even felt pics.
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