May seem like a dumb question but how does a pedal like TC Ditto work on a basic setup with a guitar and an amp only?
I get that it loops what you play and records it but if there's no output from the amp going back in to the pedal what is it being recorded? Just the dry signal of the guitar which is then reamped to the amp? A bit confused on the engineering side of things! Help lol
I think you're overthinking it a bit. The looper just records what you played on guitar and then plays it again through the output X seconds later depending on the duration of the loop. Whatever you're playing live (dry) is also passed through the output. There's no need for the signal to come back through the amp.

All that is being recorded is your dry guitar sound. Sending it to the amp 20 seconds after you played it results in (functionally) the same sound as the dry signal 20 seconds earlier. There's no need to record the amp, since the input recorded and played back through the amp results in the same thing.