My band Avem are finishing up our first EP and we have put together a lyric video for one of the songs - Star Gazer. We are really interested to get some feedback and will review others in return:

Avem - Star Gazer on Youtube
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I like the build up in the intro, some nice riffing too. Not a fan of the voice, but the vocal melody is great. The lead sound under the chorus is cool and adds that extra spunk the chorus needed. The bridge has a fitting snippet of spoken word, which I would personally make a bit louder because I couldn't clearly understand what the man said. I feel the part after that goes on for a bit too long thought, it starts to drag a bit near the end. Overall it's a good song though, impressive songwriting.

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The slow start progressing more and more into it was quite the nice touch. Vocals reminded me of Affiance's style, which seemed goofier than I thought it would be. Not saying that's a bad thing, though. I agree the bridge was a bit trickier to tell, but I knew it was a Kennedy speech (http://er.jsc.nasa.gov/seh/ricetalk.htm for reference to the bridge line). The outro drag was a bit iffy to add in, personally, but hey, it's a nice song overall. 8/10 ^^

Loved the exotic theme starting from the intro, although that test tone like sound was pretty piercing to me, and I think it's layered with a natural harmonic, I'd stick with the harmonic. I loved the riffs to the verse and the pre-chorus, always keeping that exotic theme. Using the JFK moon audio really helped emphasize the idea of the lyrics, as if it were a prologue to the story of the adventures stated like being a space wanderer. Plus those oohs near the end were a great idea, just overall I'd get a different vocalist. Preferably better, which a not scratchy vocal work. Still, I think this was a very good song and is distinct from much of what is heard here and, again, the exotic sounding theme really resonated with me as it made me think of the fifth element movie and because I love exotic sounding themes

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Very cool video imagery! Never seen most of it. I have never worked on any spacecraft, but I did some design work for some equipment to boost Boeing 737 wing production (Boeing made part of the Saturn 5 rocket in the video). The singer can really belt it out! I like it instrumentally also. Very good song & video combination! Please review my music at this link:

good stuff
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First off, thanks so much for providing your feedback on my track.


Star Gazer immediately captured my attention. The panning visual at the beginning as well as the synchronization between the harmonic and your band's logo was a nice touch. I liked the fat bass tone. The gritty vocal style and lyrical imagery reminds me of Protest the Hero. I really dig the lead phrasing at 1:55. The video footage is spectacular. I feel this was very well coordinated. I felt the snare could use a little more "crack" as I noticed it gets a little drowned out when there are other tonal voices present.

Thanks for sharing your creation with me.

First off, great work with the video man, love the intro tones and notes you use, really creates an unique vibe. I was a bit let down by the bass tone, it sounded very flat but the guitars and drums and vocals were all great even the bass playing was at a high standard just the tone didn't sit well with song flows very well which is always a worry when listening to prog bands haha, I love the use of samples too, it just immerses me in the song even more. Overall great work man, can't wait to hear more!

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Critting as I go (I feel it is more efficient) so here goes!

Digging the intro, and the bell sounds and bass bits behind it. When everything kicks in around :56 I love it, and the riff/vocals that start around 1:16 are great. The riff at 1:48 is perfect, and the leads during the chorus fit extremely well. The bridge at 3:25 with the ooh's and ah's swelling the background are fucking awesome, and deliver a great feel to it. Around 4:00 when most everything drops out and it says "In the blink of an eye" is so ambient and atmospheric, it gave me chills. Overall, this is an amazing song. A great blend of genres in here, and awesome dynamics. Can't really find anything to complain about, and I look forward to hearing some more from Avem!

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Yo dude,

The intro is cool, and the melody sticks with you. Sounds like balls-out classic rock/metal to me, and in a good way too. The mix is good, and the structure is sound. The guitar tones are good, and in general the song does what it does pretty damn well. Definitely one of the better things Ive seen here. I cant really criticise much, all I can really say is develop your sound more and try to make each song better than the last one.

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The intro was really cool, very full sounding; I like the reverb and tone of the cleans. When everything else came in, the mix sort of seemed to drop in volume a bit, as if the bass was lowered. Not a huge issue, just something a I noticed (maybe it's just me). Very nice tone on the rhythm guitars, they blend very nicely with the bass. Also, way to control the bottom end of the mix, I know it's something I'm still trying to figure out right now. I really enjoyed when the rhythm guitars cut out (chorus?). It was a nice way to change up the dynamics of the song. Vocals were very much on point for the whole song. The drums were mixed nicely, but I thought that the snare was lacking a bit of punch, like it was being drowned out.

Great song, you guys should keep doing what you're doing! This is quality stuff.