So I wanted to test out my galaxy S4 video quality. The video seem to refocus a lot probably due to the light, but I was pretty surprised by the audio quality. Anywho, link below. I messed up my muting the string at the end...fail.

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The solo, for the most part, sounded on par. I have no clue on this supposed string mute as nothing screamed out "muted" for me on this heh I can understand the camera issues VERY well, so I didn't nag ya on that. Nice guitar used. Only thing I might rag on at all is the Joker picture is not bigger

I just didn't let the note sustain at the end and it bothered me. Not really a muted noted.

The picture is something I drew while bored at work years ago, and it just takes up space on my desk now haha.
well, it's a very good picture, as far as I can tell.

Ah, I see. Yeah, sustain doesn't matter too much for me as long as I can tell it was meant to be sustained. You did a nice job, mang
Thanks! The "Ray" picture in the back is actually one of my favorite drawings. The Joker one came out OK, but not great. Good enough to keep though I guess.