I recently bought a used Sterling Ray34 and it sounds AMAZING (even through my crappy amp) When it came in, i cleaned it and put some new strings on it. The only thing is that after playing for a while, one of the little rods on the e string saddle starts poking out. I can screw it back in, but after a bit of playing it comes back out. Did I do something wrong stringing it? It might not be set up properly. I am not an expert on anything like this. Should I go get it professionaly set up? Is this something I should be worried about? Thanks for any answers !
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Screw it in more (using the correct hex key) until it is actually creating some pressure between the saddle and bridge. The screws are always quite loose as they sheer very easily.
Thanks. The only problem is that since I bought it used, it didn't come with a hex key. Could I buy one of the correct size?