Hey guys,

I know this isn't exactly the typical genre here, but it was a bit of an experiment.
It's an alternative/rock/edm/drum and bass type genre?
Wondering what you think?

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Oooh. Catchy beat that had me tapping my foot. Is that you singing? Because you have an incredible voice to me ^^ The adding of drum n bass didn't hinder it for me. I was jamming out and bopping my head along to it. I liked the whole piece. The phasing in of the electronic part worked well with the song, to me. The solo work was a bit undermined by the rhythm portions to me, but that's probably only me. I actually would have pulled back on the background sound levels a bit more and pulled up the lead more to give it that emphasis kick needed. Overall, 9/10 work and quality

I agree the vocals are really good! I think this song is awesome! I think it is radio worthy. Can't find anything significant to gripe about (though I could live without the f-bombs if I am hearing the lyrics correctly). Are you using a vocoder? Any way to download this tune? Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Thanks guys, really appreciate it!!!

@CherokeShredder I wrote the piece on guitar, and ztar for the electronic lead bits then recorded the guitar/bass/harmonies/etc. The vocals are done by my friend KoetheKoethe who has some awesome stuff too if you're interested in hearing more of his (Here ). Appreciate the constructive comment, yeah I agree, the lead could be brought out a bit more.

@aaron aardvark Thank you!!! That's really high praise. We had a version were the chorus lyrics started with "Blacked out" as a radio friendly type version but unfortunately lost the whole project so it wouldn't be possible to change at this point without re-creating the song. It would be nice to have a version like that though if I could figure out how. Yeah it is a vocoder on the chorus and bridge. Sure! I just changed it so you can download the song. I will check it out and give you a review!
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I actually like your stuff more than his, Arby xD His is just too soft and not near my decent ranges of music I set for my own self. Yours, at least, I didn't immediately shut off after, oh, 20 seconds heh

Thank you for the download! I figure you are triggering a synth (which one?) with the Ztar? What vocoder did you use? After I finish a song, I back it up elsewhere (CD or USB thumb drive) before I start a new song.
I need to really find a place to truly record my stuff. My college's computers and computer mics just will not do full justice
Aaron aardvark, sure thing! I appreciate it! The lead synth was an instrument called Monark I believe. Yes it was written/played on my custom Ztar Z6s. The vocoder was called Orange vocoder. I typically back them up too. This mix was done on the vocalist's computer and he can be a bit delete happy with "old" versions.

CherokeShredder, Yeah it's a difficult thing, I just record vocals in a small closet and try to digitally record guitar when I can to help with that.
Maybe the file is still in his Trash/Recycle Bin in his computer, if he did not empty the trash file.