I'm thinking about fixing up and modifying my old Godin Artisan ST. Haven't played it for 13 years, but I've started playing again with some friends. I've become a lot more interested in hardware though. Brought my guitar to the repair shop, because I had a lot of fret buzz. I could get rid of most of it by raising the bridge a bit, but the high E wouldn't stop buzzing. Worn out nut, I think.

So I'm not able to take a picture right now, but it's one like these:

For starters I would like to replace all golden parts with black parts. Eventually I would like to replace the pickups as well and repair the paint chips and big dents. And who knows what will come next...

I could use some advice though! Especially about which parts to buy. This bridge seems affordable, but it's a tiny bit different from my current bridge:
I think this is the current one: http://www.bax-shop.nl/producten-uit-assortiment/wilkinson-vs-100g-hg-tremolo-brug-made-in-japan-goud
Are these interchangeable? Will the black bridge fit?

And I think these are the tuning parts: http://www.bax-shop.nl/stemmechanieken-elektrische-en-western-gitaar/schaller-m6-locking-tuners-6l-stemmechanieken-zwart

I'll have to measure the other knobs when I get my guitar back, but I think I need something like this: http://www.bax-shop.nl/gitaarknoppen/boston-kb-220-gitaarknop-dome-knob-zwart-18mm

Strap lock stuff I'll have to check as well when I get my guitar back, but I think it's something like this: http://www.bax-shop.nl/straplocks/dunlop-sls1503-straplock-zwart/product-details.html

Any tips?

Thanks in advance!


there's an expandable template for the gotoh trem there, if you do some measuring you should be able to determine whether it's a direct swap or not. Yours does look very like the vs100n but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the exact same dimensions...
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all the pickups look noiseless and no pickguard, i'm loving godins more each day.

I like the idea of schaller locking tuners
schaller or dunlop strap locks
going overkill I'd copper shield the guitar and put a super 5 way switch in or some push pull pots to get extra sounds out of the guitar. , a graphtech tusq nut. Qparts or a few websites for custom knobs or strap locks.

bridge wise that is a good question

what I would never do is put double conductor pickups back in the guitar as once you go noiseless it's hard to go back in a guitar so as much as pickup swaps are encouraged I wouldn't put anything but noiseless or active because I'm the kind of guy 60 cycle hum would drive me to drink figuratively speaking.