Short but sweet! I like your composition, though I feel the part around 0:46 drags on for just too long. It ended a bit abruptly, too. I like the progression and it gives off a really jazzy vibe. It's good, and I would love to hear more from you. What kind of bass is that?

It'd be cool if you could check out my stuff, too; https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1696341
I'm a guitarist, but I thrive on really trying to understand bass and it's beautiful sound. At the 10 second mark, that change seriously sat well with me, as those musical u-turns are something I like doing every now and then as it feels like an element of surprise. After that, comes where the idea is pulled out throughout of the song at 35 s and that kept me paying attention, coz it felt like the songs telling you "stop, feel and think" and that small but significant hammer on at the 47 second mark really resonated with me, coz not everything needs to be repeated to catch the listeners attention. Quite honestly, you did what I do my best to do and that is tell a story through instrumental music to show that you can hear stories without the use of a voice.

I really enjoyed this piece and would like to hear more of your content, your creativity is on point!

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A bass solo is not something you hear everyday. Seems you're kind of playing it more like a guitar. I like parts of it, and appreciate it took talent to play it. I'm not good at finger plucking multiple strings at once, though sometimes I play fingered bass (one note at a time). Please review my music at this link: