You think something sucks, fine, or is not particularly wonderful ,tell why.

Yesterday the dog was sitting on top of the couch, on top of the top part like a cat would, his mouth was perhaps 3 inches from my ear. My stepdaughter in law came over and he barked loudly.
My ear feels a little bit better today

In other yope news I saw a person sleeping in the gutter is probably just drunk. He was in the roadway with his body and face pressing against the curb. Just in case he was really sick, or he might get hit by a car. I went in and told the convenience store manager. I walk around the block and when I came back he was gone. His pants and underwear were pulled down and you can see half of his ass crack. That was unsettling. I thought he might be really sick.

Were going to Walmart very soon. I'm going to break down purchase an electric razor. I'm tired of road rash on my face.

I'm getting new linoleum installed next month!
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My stepdaughter

Wait, step daughter.... that means...


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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
linoleum's great, proper easy to clean
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

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linoleum's great, proper easy to clean

yes , March 8 it's going to be installed.

We've been together since 1989. I haven't had strange since 1989. I could have but I got married at about the right age. Too old to have any kids an old enough to have had my fun. It's probably a bitch growing old alone.
yope where did you get your username from is it yes+nope or something deeper?
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Youre officially uber shit now.

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3d9310rd is far more upset than i 

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I'm a moron tho apparently and everyone should listen to you oh wise pretentious one
Its equally annoying when someone says something like "X is shit" and gives no context nor reason. Do people not think about how the reader is going to comprehend your verbal diarrhea?

Congrats on the limousine yope
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I don't think I've ever read a single Yope thread past the second sentence tbh.

You're really missing out, you stupid fucking bastard
Tbh, me neither
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