Please post some great full tutorials on mixing music and mastering. I'm getting really interested in learning how to mix my own music as well as my friends. All genres are good, please post some educational and insightful stuff!
Free or paid? Id would literally type '-Genre- mixing tutorial' into Youtube if you want to go that route. There are hours upon hours of stuff on Youtube.
For mostly metal, The Systematic Mixing Guide is a great book to own. It's taught me alot about some of the usual unknowns when first starting such as compressing, EQ, etc. I believe its about $20. I keep a PDF of it on my tablet at all times at my desk.
For paid i'd suggest some Creative live courses. Andrew Wade, Joey Sturgis, Adam Getgood, and many more guys have made classes on this website. They usually run at about $99 a course but it's well worth it. I bought the Adam Getgood class and it goes in depth about drum mic placement as well so I will refer back to it when I get a kit. Also talks alot about how he mixes each individual aspect of a song and why he does so. Very informative.
Theres a shitload of free mixing techniques for all genres/styles, instruments, and using all sorts of tools such as microphones, interfaces, equalizers, compression, panning/widening, mastering, you name it- right on Youtube. Start coming through it. There is more than enough info there to eventually become semi-professional at it. And then, once you feel comfortable with the basics and youve found a specific teacher that you like, you can subscribe/pay for their more in-depth lessons
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I recently watched this and found it pretty good:

I have some toontrack products and recently they sent an email promotion. (I have all my promotion emails going to a separate folder and browse through it every once in a while). Their email was basically a free offer to get a 30 day all access pass to Groove3 tutorials. So if you have any toontrack products (superior drummer ez drummer etc) then check your spam folders over the past month or so and you might have the same offer. Though I only signed up for it last night so haven't really gone through too many so can't say if they're any good or not.

On a side note Izotope also sent me an email recently to offer a free delay plugin - I think there are about five days left on that offer. The plug in usually retails for $49.
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Seconding, came to post this exactly.

Some will say it's only geared towards metalheads but I disagree. And it's written in a way that allows for subjective mixing (rather than "you should ALWAYS do this to your guitars," or "you should ALWAYS parallel compress your drums," etc. like most YT tutorials).

In essence it highlights the "zones" of compression, EQ, etc. that a specific instrument might benefit from and emphasizes using YOUR tastes and YOUR ears. Yes it costs money but it's worth it.
I think its also great to work on genres outside of your comfort or interest zone. For example, if you are used to doing full band, hard rock / metal tracks that naturally have a very dense mix/sound, try doing something like acoustic/singer and still getting a really full sound, or do some hip-hop and try making the lead vocals sound huge and wide.
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You are now my favourite person on UG.....You write cool shit.

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Check out the Alan Parsons site. He has a very good DVD set that covers many aspects of recording and is pretty reasonable to buy his DVD set at $99. I paid double that when it was first released. There are a few free demo videos on his site and some on Youtube.

Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bujEZbQzFs


I also recommend Bobby Owsinski. He has videos on Youtube and lots of free stuff on his own web site.

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