Fooled around with a riff in sort of a funk style; made this demo. Any thoughts greatly appreciated (shall be returning the favor).

Guitars tracked through a GSP1101. Bass (distorted and clean) with EZ mix.

Demo no 5
So I thought: whatta heck, this is a guitar forum right? Let's have a little solo in there. Starts around 2.25.
Nice and groovy, like it!
The vocals are quite good. Sounds a bit like Bowie.
I like how you take the song all the way down at 0:50 and 1:50, and the build it up again. Keeps it from getting repetitive.
Like the part at 2:10. Had my head noddin'. The solo was quite noisy, but I guess thats what you were aiming for

All in all, nice work. I really enjoyed that. Grrooovey.

Wanna check out mine?

Thanks Aaron,
This was my first attempt at doing vocals; not in full control of it. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the rest! Will check your work out!