Hello all, this may seem like a pretty newbie question, but I was trying to figure out how best to use a single channel Orange Dark Terror tube amp I have. I switch between clean sounds and distortion sounds in a handful of songs I do. I started thinking how I could do this. If I end up buying a pedal for my distortion it seems like a real waste of having the gain in an amp. Why wouldn't I just buy a powerful amp that has great cleans sounds, as what would be the purpose of having nice crunch through the factory gain?

Second thought is running the high gain through the amp and dialing back the volume for the clean parts on the guitar. It's not really the same thing as having a full bright clean sound, but would probably create the effect.

These were the only ideas I came up with. So it seems like using a pedal would give me the best cleans and pretty good driven sound. It just seems like a waste to not be able to use the amps gain.

Dialing back the volume would probably give me a blah clean sound but be able to push the sound driven. You can't change settings in a song with your hand, and I don't think I would want to mess between songs. I guess when it gets here from the mail I will play with it more. But I was just wondering what you guys do in live settings?

Probably just buy a pedal. I think I might sell this thing and get a 2 channel tube amp. Thoughts?
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HI guess when it gets here from the mail I will play with it more.

If it's coming through the post, I assume its new? If so, can you not say you made a mistake and need a 2 channel amp? Maybe where you bought it from has them?
Turn the gain on your amp to a nice crunch tone (AC/DC style), and put and OD pedal as a clean boost in front of it (i.e. turn the volume to 3/4 and as little gain as you can - turn it to 0 and slowly increase until you hear the sound open up, then leave it there. Usually happens at the 1/4 mark). With the OD you'll get a high-gain sound, then use your volume and tone controls to get a less gainy, clean tone. If it's still too much gain, turn the OD off.

Tried and true method used the world over by guitarists much better and smarter than myself
Dark Terror is known for really good heavy OD but not so much for great clean tone. You can still get there with an OD pedal as described above. The pedal simply pushes the front of the amp to deliver Onboard OD.

Does it work? Yes

Will it sound as awesome as a $2500 Mesa Mk V? No