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I'm a novice and have been playing for a couple years, and I recently went from heavy-ish strings back to 10-46 gauge on one of my guitars, and I thought the buzzing would eventually work itself out because I've had this size on if before, but it doesn't seem to have gotten any better so I guess I have to relieve the truss rod a bit - which I'm told does NOT require a professional's hands, if someone is absolutely certain I'm wrong on this please let me know, but it seems like a fairly simple process

Anyway, to my point... Is there a standard size allen wrench for electric guitars or can it vary? This is a Johnson Delta Rose JH-100 and none of the sizes I tried seemed to fit quite right. I didn't want to break the thing either. Thanks
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I have two sets of allen wrenches on key rings of various sizes and they've been a huge asset to have on hand. It's been awhile since I was given them, but I don't recall they were that expensive, so you might check a hardware store. I want to say they were like $5-10, but that was about ten years ago, so prices might have changed since then. I know DIY kits are out there, but for the price they run, you can get the tools yourself much cheaper.

Before you adjust the truss rod, if you have a strat-style bridge especially, you might tinker with the saddles a tad too, especially if it's just a string or two.
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