I wanna mod my sx liquid (jazzmaster copy)

The body under the pickguard is pretty much a blacktop jazzmaster with p90s, and I want to put in jazzmaster electronics so I have to do a little routing/cutting. What's the best way to do this? I don't know if I want to use a router, or if I even have one for that matter. I'd prefer to use hand tools, or even a dremel (is that a router?).


Here's what I have. I measured and outlined where I want to cut based on a jazzmaster diagram. I know it's not perfect and it probably could've been a bit better if I had printed it, but it's good enough IMO. I don't plan on selling it, it's more so a little project because I'm bored and I want to have some experience with this sort of thing before I build my Warmoth.

Anyway I'd really appreciate any advice. I've been playing for a few years but the only "modding" I've done is playing with my guitars' action and changing pickups and stuff, so I'm pretty new to this.

You could always go all Eddie Van Halen and attack it with a hammer and chisel!

Seriously, use a router. Borrow one if you can. Get a bunch of culled lumber to practice on (wood that isn't good to sell anymore, cut pieces or leftover blocks) most lumberyards sell this stuff at a discount.
The bonus here is: if you borrow one, the owner can probably give you some tips on using it.

My first route job was done with a paddle bit on a drill. It wasn't pretty, but it was covered up by a pickguard. Still have the guitar to this day! Still plays great.
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Thanks for the tips - my dad has one and he knows how to use it so I'm definitely going to ask him for help. Would sanding it down work or would the copper tape be better?