I ve been playing around with Bias FX on iPad and found out that if I play on 1st string on 15th fret or higher I get some kind of alien/whale/radio noise. I am not sure how to describe the sound. It happens on two of my guitars. One has EMG other some pasive pickups. On EMGs the noise is louder (i am not sure about that). I tried it on PC using Rolanda UA-55 with Amplitube and I tried on my iPad (iRig HD) with Bias FX. Same result.
Two audio clips are in the link under the post. 1st Amplitube 2nd DI. They were recorded on PC with EMG guitars. It is quite quiet so you will have to turned speakers little louder.

Did anybody had this problem?
Is it a problem at all or it is natural for guitar to have this feedback?

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Do you get this on a clean patch?

I can't hear it.