Hello! Is it possible to create drum songs in FL Studio with ezdrummer but inside channel rack? i hate the piano roll function, i cant get used to it. so is it possible to connect each drum separately (kick, snare, tom...) in channel rack? please seee image below! thanx

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There's a way of doing it, but it's pretty convoluted and you would be much better off just doing it in the piano-roll. However, if you really want to do it that way...

You would have to create an instance of EZDrummer in FL Studio and then create a bunch of MIDI outs for each hit/articulation you wish to do. Once you're done with that go to EZDrummer and go to the plugin options:

Change the Input Port to let's say for convenience's sake: 0. Go to your MIDI out instances and make sure the port number in the top right is the same as the Input Port on your EZDrummer instance.

Now go to the functions tab on your MIDI Out and at the bottom you will see piano notes. Find which ones correspond with which hit and right click above the piano note where the C + octaves are. Do that for every MIDI Out instance you created and you should be ready to go.