I thought you actually did well with this cover. The lead wasn't off by much at all, and I loved the rhythm ^^

I got the chords tab for the song, if folks wanted just that to look onto

Second solo was actually on-point for me except for a few minor points which are understandable.

Third solo was okay. I agree that, only on that point, was it imperfect. Wasn't there another solo for the outro, though?

That cable buzz, tho :P

Thanks for reply bro Ur right, there was a solo at the outro which is pretty much the same as the the intro, but since I played the lead part of it in the beginning, I wanted to do the rhythm version of it 2nd time. Cheers
Fair enough, Mika. I can see why you would want to skip it, and that is fine. I just didn't want you to potentially get more flack for it from these supposed "music warriors" floating around the Forums and tabs a lot. I try to be as fair as I can be, if possible