Seeking the collective knowledge of UG to show me some alternatives to what I'm working with and looking at already. I'm looking for a setup that has either a direct line out, or a headphone out to play silent, but would like the ability to play out loud as well.
Currently using bias software wth my DAW at home, and playing through a small Peavey Vypyr when playing with friends. Happy with bias but would rather not rely on my laptop, the Vypyr just isn't doing it for me. Ideally would like to have one setup for both home and when I play with friends.

Currently looking into Peavey classic 20 mini head and sans amp character series pedals (probably Oxford or British) but really wanna see some other options
I used to own a classic 30, was really happy with my tone after a tube change and using an od and eq pedal. All the volume id ever need, and prefer tube tone but As of right now would never be able to really push the volume knob. (Even playing with friends my 15 watt Vypyr is only on half; no drummer) also 90% of the time would run the direct out to my computer with the dummy load.
I've never used a direct out on a tube amp, is the direct out controlled by the master volume? Is direct out just the preamp and bypassing the power amp or both?

Also was looking into the sansamp Oxford and British pedals. From demos sound pretty good but unsure how that would be to my ears in person. Would be nice to run a pedal direct into daw and also be able to use it straight into a pa speaker or in front of an amp; however your limited to one "channel" or tone without changing Knobs, and ideally I'd like to have a switchable clean and dirty sound.

Looking to keep it under 700, (the closer the 500 the better) the peavey and a cab for when I can use it would be getting close to this, the sansamp pedal option is much cheaper, but if I go that route id buy either a pair of monitors or a decent pa speaker.

Would prefer used but not opposed to new within price ranges
Denver area

Would like something pretty versatile. Heavy distortions is less important to me than a good overdriven sound , but the closer to thrash territory it can get the better. Mostly playing jam songs, umphreys mcgee and phish come to mind. Not necessarily looking to emulate their sound but something that's in the ballpark.

What are you guys opinions on the things I'm looking at? Is the classic 20 gonna be too loud for an interface? I'd love to have tubes again but only if it means better tone. Any pedal alternatives to the character series? Maybe something with two porgrammable channels.

Tl;dr; playing through a daw and headphones 90% of the time but do jam with friends. Would like tube overdrive tone, but needs to go into headphone / daw as well as be playable without a laptop
Take a look at the Laney IronHeart Studio. You would need a cabinet for playing with others but it seems to meet everything else you need very well. $450 on Reverb and Guitar Center Used normally has some.
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Right on, I was into the Laney cub that I tried but a straight tube combo doesn't help with the quietness. I'll check into that. Going with the classic 20 mini head id need a cab as well so not a deal breaker. Hopefully moving out of the apartment and into a home with a basement in the next 6 months

edit: Laney Lionheart has every thing i could ask for feature wise. Really want to try in person, seems like its geared for metal but it may do what i want from it well and id always have the gain to play with. unfortunately not many of them around in colorado
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