I got For Christmas A Schecter C-6 Floyd Rose Deluxe. It is black with a floyd Rose Special. Made in Korea and inspected in America. Schecter Diamond pickups. Flat top bevel edge. Maple neck and rosewood Fretboard. It is a thin C shaped neck. But I personally think it's a ball bat. I got it used at a unlikely place. 170 dollars. Was 329 dollars new. It had rusted strings. And some of the screws was rusted. It sounds amazing. I got use to the neck. I like the Yamaha Pacifica neck more. I also got a cheap 99 dollar Squire min guitar. Nothing to write about there. I love the Schecter Guitar And the Floyd Rose not so much. But I will use it. It was a pain to turn up. I had to get someone to restring it for me. I have never restring a Floyd Rose. The guitar was in decent shape. But you could tell they did not take care of it. Rusted strings and screws. It is very heavy. And the volume cuts out every so often. It needs a quick fix. Lol. But it sounds great for any type of music. Easy Listening sounds great also with it. Schecter made some sweet sounding pickups.

I also got a Vox AD15 Metal Grill modeling amplifier. I thought she got the 30 watt. The same size as my Johnson Mirage JT-50. She got it from another Guitar Center and shipped it to the house. Oh well. It is amazing. So who cares. So many effects and the Vox sounds are spot on. It sounds like expensive other amplifiers. 1 real tube. I use it more than my Johnson Mirage JT-50. Johnson was my dream amplifier. I love that it is smaller than I thought. I can take it around the house. So much to play with.

I also got a Roadrunner case for my go too guitar. My Yamaha Pacifica. It has a lock and key. Very nice and plush on the inside. It is my second case. My first was a old Explorer case from who knows when. It is not made good at all. This case has a cubby hole for picks and other things. I love it. It was 99 dollars. It holds me go to guitar and I'm more than happy with it.

Anyone own a Schecter C-6 with the Floyd Rose Special? Anyone ever used or owned a Roadrunner case? Or the Vox AD15 amplifier. Any tips on using the amplifier? Thanks for the reply. http://www.schecterguitars.com/guitars/c-6-fr-deluxe-detail

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Congrats on the gear, I always love getting new stuff.

If you find the guitar is going out of tune when using the FR, it most likely needs to be set up correctly.

When you restring the guitar, do 1 string at a time, or it will take you forever to get it in tune if you remove all the strings at once.

the amp is just something you'll have to mess with to get what you like.
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Besides it needing a new pot it is a great guitar. It cuts out some and will soon go out. But that is it. And a few cosmetic flaws. It sounds great for what ever Schecter uses as pickups. It is really heavy though. I have never owned A schecter.