I'm not a singer and it's a little embarrassing for me to put this out there but maybe it sounds ok. Not looking for any big critique just a simple explanation if it sounds good or not. Reminds me of some Fear Factory clean vocals, wasn't trying to go for that it just came out naturally that way.

It's for an upcoming song I'm working on which may or may not be instrumental depending on my voice.

Thank you.
I think it sounds pretty damn good and epic for the most part. I can see a lot of possibilities with this working out and growing for you in your music in the long run.
I listened to this 4 times (it sounded better every time I listened to it). My initial reaction was that there were too many effects on the vocals (yes, I realize I am notorious for lots of vocal effects). It wasn't until I heard it the second time that I realized you had lead guitar following the vocals, or vice versa. It is possible that the vocal would stand out more without the lead guitar following it, but I realize that probably was not your intent. I think you are more talented as an instrumentalist, though I still encourage you to explore recording your vocals (it typically gets better with practice, and I'm not ashamed to say I sometimes use pitch correction). I know that with my own songs, the vocals are often the weak link, but I keep at it anyway. I think many or most of my tunes would get boring without vocals. Hopefully I did not blabber on too long.
I thought it was well, even with the lead guitar backing in it and undermining it. The tempo, I admit, was weirder than I expected, but it's your music, so I can appreciate it.

Boy, do I recognize that feeling of being embarrassed, I recently put up a demo (called no 5) on this forum where I did some singing for the first time, please feel free to check it out if you get around to it.

Your vocal section is very straight, almost like a chant. You're in tune and I think this part could work really well if you made a second track in harmony to the first. Perhaps also a third. That I think would give a cool effect and really fit the music here.

For the lead vocals/verses, I would expect a more varied melody, with a larger spectrum between highs and lows, will be required. And the vocal track would benefit from less reverb to bring it closer to the speakers (and not be followed by the lead guitar - perhaps also with rhythm guitars easing back a little to give room for the vocals).

BUT for this part, I'm pretty sure it will work well with some harmonies added.
@four Thanks dude I feel the same about the possibilities for future songs

@aaron Hey man thanks for the well rounded reply. The main effects are delay and reverb with a stereo expander (no chorus like what you would usually add, still experimenting). Initially I thought of just doing an auto tune but honestly... you could hear it too much and when I took it off auto tune I wasn't really THAT far off, I know there are some pitch areas that are off but overall I wanted to see how my voice would fit in the song and I like it. Yes I usually write leads/melodies in place of vocals that's why the vocal line follows it.

@cheroke I think you are talking about the signature changes? It goes 4/4 for 3 measures then it goes 3/4 for 1 measure (or, I believe, 5/4 overall). Typically I layer different sounds to give it a bigger epic sound but I realize it's not everyone's style.

@belphegor Cool I'm checking it out now. I think harmonies are out of my 'skill' right now. I tried to put one together and couldn't find the right notes (obviously cause this is my real first attempt at clean vocals ) Yea I know what you mean varying the melody, I just did a quick simple take to see how my vocals fit in the song so I followed the guitar melody (like Ozzy did back in the day), it did help me stay in key for the most part. Wasn't sure how to mix the vocals but I do like me some reverb so it's a style I'll still be experimenting with.

I like how you described it as a chant though.
we follow each other on sound cloud and iv'e listened to it a few times you have serious musical talent my friend awesome guitar riffs and structure for the songs that ive listened to as far as vocals was this a test as in your first try in recording your voice? its seems to have to many effects its different that's for sure. just do what you wanna do man your music your rules! mind checking out an old recording I just posted https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1696684