Thanks for checking out my track man. This song is very well produced like professionally so actually, everything comes in real clear great playing. You bring me back to a simpler time haha these are the kinds of riffs I grew up with. The riff that starts at 00:20 and at 00:54 says it all. Both of our tracks might need vocalist but your track is a track a lot more vocalists would rather work on, my track on the other hand is pretty busy I need the vocalist from Archspire or something lol.
Well the one reason I don't do vocals in my songs is because my voice is too deep for this kind of melodic stuff, it is very unique though, on screams I sound like Hatebreed on Drop A or B, on cleans like tremonti but lower pitch because no training/practicing.

I really need to start practicing
Very nice melodious guitar work going. I love this kind of work with the instruments. Clear and crisp

Vocals, I can understand. Better to release tracks with no vocals and solid musical work than tracks with vocals AND shoddy work overall. Hell, I am thinking of actually doing that for my song I created TO have vocals.

Keep up the good work, mang, and hey, no sweat on the voice stuff. I am still trying to do well with it. I loved your riffs and Metalcore/Metal aspect ^.^

Very Nice dude!! Sounds amazing! I liked the song and the production too..very nice sounding guitars!! Keep it up!

See, I need to find a recording studio PRONTO for my song heh a lot of folks are actually wanting to hear the overall final product, I can tell ^^
^^ why the hell was he banned?

he kept this section alive, people actually got their threads answered to