I've had a keyboard (piano) sitting around for years, but never learned how to play it. I decided to dabble with poor timing to boot, but it's certainly fun as you come up with different ideas from playing guitar. Here is a short piece I composed yesterday, then put some video to it.

Well your timing is off a lot, but the composition itself is cool. Really creepy vibe. I don't think the chord progression from 1:30 to 1:55 works with that, it doesn't sound unsettling enough imho. Overall the track was nice, though it wasn't played smoothly. I didn't have this tab open while listening, so I didn't get the jumpscare the first time around (and the second time I knew it would come because I knew the musical buildup :P) But the idea is nice.

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Yes, that's why I mentioned timing being off (because it was)... only a few hours of noodling around and trying to coordinate both hands. I also applied that chord progression from 1:30 to 1:55 to ease off tension in order to come back to it in the end (and it has a music box quality).
Ahhhhhhhhh, it makes sense now to me. Well, it's a decent song, regardless of the off-timing. The jumpscare heh heh not a bad idea if it would just work well

I think what made it hard for my timing is keeping rhythm with the right hand while doing melody with the left hand (for the first part, which is where the timing is off much)... and lack of practice, lol. It almost seems counter-intuitive, and I say this as a non-piano player, as it feels more natural as a right-handed person to keep rhythm time with the left and do melody with the right.
Now that is very very true. As someone trying to start back out with piano and keyboards, I can understand that logic, logic (hee hee)

Oh well. It was a nice addition to the music spectrum to me