I got a used Rockerverb 50 combo from a guy on Reverb. It sounds killer, but some times when I have the dirty channel cranked, it makes this odd pinging/ringing noise that is just barely audible over the amp's intended sound. It seems to be coming from inside/behind the amp, and it only happens when I'm actually playing a note/chord. If the guitar is muted (and often if its just quiet) this noise doesn't occur.
I don't really mind it just practicing by myself, but it would get annoying at a live show and makes recording with it a no-go right now.

I messaged the guy who sold it to me and he said that the most likely problem was the tubes coming loose in the shipping process. This is my first tube amp and I'm not really sure how to check this, or how to tighten the tubes if this indeed the problem.
Researching this issue, it seems like most others assume the problem is dead/dying tubes.

What do y'all think?
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It sounds like you have one or more tubes that have went microphonic. I'd start with buying a few new 12ax7's and rolling them through the preamp so you can see if that fixes the issue.

But you push the tubes directly in and pull them directly out. sometimes they can be stubborn and you have to gently rock them side to side while pulling them out. remove the chassis from the head shell first though

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It may also be that you're slightly out of tune and generating a harmonic.
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