So I started learning guitar about two weeks ago, on a Washburn Oscar Schmidt classical guitar. Soon enough, I think I'll be getting an electric, but I'm quite limited on budget and I'm not sure what to buy. I'm mainly looking at these two sites:
and some guitars from there caught my eye, like the Squier Bullet Strat, or the Peavey Raptor Plus EXP, or the Wasburn RX10 bundle etc. but I want to hear others' opinions. I like the Stratocaster design the most but a lot of people seem to complain about the Bullet line and its sound quality so I'm not sure. Thoughts on this? The Washburn bundle would save me from buying an amp and all the accessories so that's nice too. Not sure about the Peavey.
I just picked up my first guitar last night. I recommend that you go to a guitar store and play every guitar within your budget! That's how I found my first guitar, I posted about it on this forum , just 2 threads below yours Play one until it connects to you.
Just like godzodis said go to a store and try them out. all guitar brands feel different.
Thanks for the advice, but there aren't any decent guitar stores in my town so I'm in the dark for now. What would you say is the best while on a budget?
I am a seasoned player and I needed a guitar for my condo I visit in FL. Because I didn't want to travel with my expensive guitar I went to Guitar Center to find an inexpensive guitar that I could knock around with while I was down there. I ended up buying the Epiphone Les Paul Junior for $99 dollars. I hate to say it but it plays just as well as my expensive guitars. I was pleasantly surprised! I would recommend it for a beginner guitar for sure. It plays easy too
Hey Aster, Looks like your in the $150 range. For $199 you can get an Ibanez GRX70...its a sweet little gem man. Just started playing last week and I know you might not want to take advice from a new guy, but I did some extreme searching and have a ginormous Guitar Center here in town, I picked up everything in the store under the $350 price range and was ready to drop it all. In the end the Ibanez picked me, wasn't even any question when I felt it...I just knew it, Like a puppy in the pet store window, and it was just $199. The last thing I wanted was to be unhappy with my purchase when I would get to the point actually being able to play the thing. I can see this guitar lasting me a long time, I'm sure I will get to the point of thinking about pickups and changing bridges and what not at some point, but not now, she's good to go. The only thing I can say about the Fender is...out of my price range, and squires or bullets or whatever just didn't feel right TO ME. Not saying those guitars are not good, like I said I just started playing so I would be worthless giving a review, just stating what felt good to me as somebody just getting started. Tell you what, guitar center is right around the corner, I can handle those guitars your interested in a give you some more info if you want.

Good luck either way
Thanks for all suggestions so far, but it seems that neither the Epiphone nor the Ibanez are available here. What would be the best online guitar store to order from if I decide to do that?
Well, I would say Guitar Center, they have an international page you can click on. I was just there looking around, I was going to do a checkout just to see what the shipping would be to the UK just for shits and giggles but my work computer is limited. Also, I see that another beginner in the new member section just got an Ibanez in your price range.
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I did check at Guitar Center, but the selection is extremely limited (probably Guitar Center not shipping the majority of their products to Macedonia, so there's literally not a single decent brand available) and the shipping costs are through the roof. I think I might actually save up a bit for a Squier Affinity HSS because that one looks REALLY nice in olympic white, and it's supposed to be significantly better than the Bullet line. But buying a guitar from an international retailer might be a smarter choice due to better prices and selection. (but I wouldn't be able to try them so that's the other side of the coin)
Update: I also found a Yamaha Pacifica 012 at around the same price as the Squier Affinity (both are about $250). Which would you say is better and is either of them worth it?
I think I'll be getting the Washburn RX10 bundle if it plays decent, it's the most affordable one and I'm not a good enough player to actually benefit from a better guitar anyways.
Quote by AsterMK
Update: I also found a Yamaha Pacifica 012 at around the same price as the Squier Affinity (both are about $250). Which would you say is better and is either of them worth it?

Get the Yamaha
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Maybe you already got a guitar but yes the Pacifica is a good guitar. Also did you check amazon is selling Oscar Schmidt by Washburn, Les Paul copies for around 200 USD. They look good and have good reviews so I think worth a try.
My Blues Guitar teacher is completely happy with his Squier Strat, and Gibson designs guitars just for him! Another reliable guitar manufacturer is Epiphone. Gibson bought them out and now they make Gibson model guitars in Asia. My semi-hollow body 335 was made in Indonesia and it was solid gold right out of the box! Go to the Sweetwater site. I got my 335 for $375 USD. They have all a beginner needs!
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