Hi guys, wanted to get some expert options on a few new Amp options.

So a little bit of detail, play mostly in my home studio/man cave so want something with a hit of flex at low levels, genre is metal / high gain music, this new amp is going to be coupled with a 2x12 Orange PC212 closed back cab. Budget up to £1100

So looking at either Hughes &Kettner Grandmiester 36 or Blackstar Series One 1046L6, although options are very welcome. What are your opinions of these amps, work for my needs and worth a look at?

Cheers gents
could you list some bands when you say "metal/high gain music"?
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A buddy of mine just got the 50 watt EVH 5150 III, and that thing kills.
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Normally the PPCs come loaded with V30s IIRC.
I would look for a 5150/+ or 6505/+. Those can be had for fairly decent prices and work well for metal. My 5150 sounds great through my V30 loaded Mesa.
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Maybe a mini recto/Mark 5 or something too?

Got loads of great options in that price range tbf
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