Hey I am in two jam bands called Psychic Relic and Universal Toads. We are a mix of a bunch of different genres, why I would call us a jam band, but hit rock/blues pretty hard. I really enjoy distortion, but having an amp i can play live shows that is still somewhat versatile. I dont have money for pedals and stuff right now, but I plan on going that route eventually.
Any advice??
There are just so many different options.. I have always liked Fenders, Vox and Marshalls because of distortion/gain.

Colin Romisher
Depends on your budget. Engl, Mesa, Marshall, Soldano, etc. ... most of those would get you into that high gain rock/metal territory if you have the money for the higher end stuff. If you don't have that kind of money, you might look at Peavey (a lot of it is outsourced to China now but the same 5150s they used to make basically), Bugera, Blackstar (they're import line).

I always recommend Carvin because that's what I play. The V3, V3m, and X100b are all nice rock amps.
Colin, you like mentioned you like Fender Amps (amongst others) and play Blues, Rock, and more....

The Fender Mustang IV (v2) is a 150 watt 2x12 combo amp with 17 on-board modeled Amps, 44 on-board FX and stereo Effects Loop. The on-board amp models range from Fender Cleans to Fender Bassman and Fender Super Sonic (burn channel) and include several high gain British and American based amps. See the Fender Mustang Amp Wiki for a quick overview of the on-board Amp models, FX, Cabinet Sims and more.

The Mustang IV is only 46 pounds and comes with a Four mode Footswitch with plenty of features.
There is an optional EXP-1 Expression and Volume Pedal that works with each of the 100 Memory Presets in the Amp.

Fender includes the free FUSE software (PC/Mac) that also has online access to a vast user community of freely shared presets, and the software also provides a fully graphical user intrface for full amp control if desired.

The amp's on board LCD Panel and Data Wheel provide nearly full access to all the amp's controls, so the FUSE software is not required.

If you have an Android device, the REMUDA App is available from the Google Play store. REMUDA does things FUSE lacks and provides Full amp control and more....

To unleash the best from the Mustang IV (v2) takes some effort to learn how to optimize configuring deep amp settings on the Amp. Many users unwilling to do this, never find the Magic in the Mustang. Many of the free online available FUSE presets have already done this for you.

If you do not need the fuller 2x12 sound of the Mustang IV 2x12, the Mustang III 1x12 is less expensive at 100 Watts w/ Mono FX, however it only comes with a 2 btn fsw. The 4btn fsw is a highly recommended option for MIII and does work simultaneously with the 2brn fsw. If you need an even fuller and bigger sound, consider the Mistang V (v2) Head. Like the MIV it is 150w w/ stereo FX Loop and can be plugged into any compatible cabinets. The MV head is the least expensive of the three and is very light weight. All the amps have XLR outs for feeding a console, FOH, etc.
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I play through a MESA Roadster Dual Rectifier 2X12 combo it is hands down the most versatile amp I have ever owned 4 channels that range from crystal cleans to brutal modern high gain and everything in between, although I have no idea what your budget is and these run about $2600.

I lucked out and got mine new with full warranty for $1099 as a closeout at Guitar Center during sale at tax refund time, it was missing the footswitch and cover which I bought direct from MESA for $200 so all in I still only paid $1300 which is less than used price.
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