I just picked up a nice Project 196? Gibson Melody Maker. The only major problem with this is a headstock crack that has been repaired. I did have a couple questions about this guitar.

1. What year would this guitar be?
The serial number (last 2 digits) are very hard to read and when I type it in on a serial number searcher It says 1965, but when I look at pictures of 1965's they look a lot more like an SG than this one.

2. It seems like there as originally a Vibrola Tremelo bar on this, but I am not sure!

Any other information on this neat guitar would be welcome! Thanks!!

IMG_0722 by Conrad's Media Services, on Flickr
IDK the headstock looks off to me not like a Gibby MM headstock. Unless its been altered the outside corners look too round.
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That is what I thought too, but there is a genuine serial number on the back of the headstock.
I'd say this is not a Gibson, but an Epiphone Melody Maker. From the same period. The slight asymmetrical horns check out as well.