Hey all. I've just started a change.org petition to persuade President Obama not to shave until the end of his term. Please sign and support the effort to Make America Grizzled Again.


This is your chance to be involved in something that changed the world. This isn't about me or Obama. This is about us. Let's do it.
It says I have 3 signatures and my bud signed it, so dreams do come true
C'mon you know it would be bitchin if Obama went out looking grizzled AF.
as a bearded fellow

i will sign your petition



look at the comment i left on your petition
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He should leave the Whitehouse basically wearing Leo diCappucino's costume from The Revenant.
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finally, a political post relevant to my interests

not beards or anything

just badass presidents

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Let soldiers grow beards. Not being able to use a gas-mask is just a risk they'll have to take.