Hi there.

So, I have an old 80's guitar that I'm starting to upgrade, and therefore I've bought a new and better nut. The old one was pure plastic, baah!
Before installing it I just wanted to ask a question.

To make sure that the low and high e string wont be able to roll off to the side of the fretboard, when playing, are there then any measurements for this?? From what I can see on my other Les Pauls there are about 3,30mm, roughly, on both sides??

String spacing at the nut is 36,2mm for a Gibson LP, 34,7mm for an Epiphone, and might be different for any given copy.

Just use the old nut as a template? It's actually more important that the slots are deep enough for the strings to sit in there safely.

You can get already slotted nuts that just need the bottom filed down a bit to sit at the correct height - much better option for amateurs, unless your guitar's original nut is a weird size and none of the available pre-cut sizes fit.
Hi there TheQuailman.

Thanks for the reply, but it's not the E-e spacing or the string spacing itself I'm after.
I mean the measurement on where to placw the nut, sp that the low and high e doesn't roll off, when playing, for example, chords.
So I'm looking for the measurement from the start of the fretboard and till the low e slot and from the other side, the high e slot. I hope this makes sense?

You should install the nut with out glue and string up and tune the guitar. Then you can fine tune the position and height before you glue it.
Thanks, cav22s.

I planned to do that, if nothing else came up from this question.
So thanks, and I think I'll be doing that

I just thought that maybe there were some kind of measurement for it.. Well, maybe it just comes down to laying it out as you like it yourself