Hey guys,

what settings would you call classic? The thing is I just got TC Triple (btw. very good delay) in which I can set 3 different delays at a time. So I was wondering what 3 classic delays I should start with?
I was thinking about those three:
1. "Almost muted delay"- I heard about delay that is used to make a impression of space but it is just a tiny bit to play rythym parts on that. Is that usefull?
2. What delay is classic for solos?
3. What delay would you reccomend as third one?

My question is rather about time division, number of repeats, mix etc. because TC Triple has a tap tempo button to controll the tempo.

Thanks for any comments, cheers!
1) quarter note delay that you can tap tempo for any song your playing - use 3 to 6 repeats - set it so that it's not interfering with your playing, but rather creates an ambience and you can hear it trail off when you hold a note or stop playing. Tape setting would be good for this
2) same as above only with the "mix" or wet setting much higher so that you can "play to it" - here the delay will be loud and very noticeable.
3) slapback echo - very short delay with only one repeat and very wet.

Those are the basic uses I use generally. You can experiment with the others on a given tune, but those would be good for just about any situation.
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