Quick backstory here. (You can skip to end for tl:dr) A few weeks ago I ordered a new guitar off the web and was very happy with the look, price, and feel of the guitar. However, as I have been working a new job and my income has gone up, I am getting the feeling I may have sold myself short in terms of getting a really nice guitar that I have always wanted. This little gem set me back only $300. In terms of a guitar it plays great and has a lot of what I want (but not everything). The ones I am looking at beyond this one are $600-$1200 so I am thinking to return this one and it will give me a leg up on a higher quality model I have always wanted. I'm not used to having the spending power I have now and find myself thinking I need to get out of debt, not get a $1000 guitar when I am not that great of a player yet.

TL:dr How do you decide weather to keep a guitar you kinda love but isn't 'just what you wanted'? Trade it in and spend more for a higher model, or accept it and rock it as hard as you can. (I feel this applies to relationships as well...maybe.....yes,yes it does.) Or option 'C' keep it and simply save up for another new one later?
I would pay off your debts first, or you could have potentially no guitars and amps when the repo men come round.
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What is it you don't like about the one you have? If it feels good, you might be better off modding it to the spec you want.

Though ofc, if you have a fixed bridge but want a floyd, that's not a mod worth doing.
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Keep it. Live below your means and pay off the debt. Buy more later when you can throw down the cash and not miss it.
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Well, I am still after a Gretch with a Bigsby, but, this one has a nice TOM bridge which is a nice change from the trems I have in my other guitars. I am seeing the wisdom here and will keep it and continue saving for another (or a killer amp) and paying off these bills I put on myself. Thanks for the head check. Why does it seem that the simplest of questions can become so over complicated in our heads?

The guitar is the Charvel Desolation DC-1 in flat black and so far have been blown away with it. I love the neck, but not sure what to make of the finish. Not sure what my sweaty hands will do to it. A very easy guitar to play. New to active pups with the 81/85 EMGs, but will do some trolling on here to see what I can do with them.