Sometimes the timing could be tighter. After I was fell for my first girlfriend she told me one psychologist diagnosed her as schizophrenic, and another one diagnosed her as manic depressive. My second girl friend (before I met her) was in Japan (I live near Los Angeles) with some friends and smoked some pot: she later found out it was laced with some hard drug. She ended up in a Japanese insane asylum for awhile because it screwed her up so bad. Probably had a long term effect also, so I know all about crazy women. Both of them did me a favor by dumping me....but I digress. Anyway, I could relate to the lyrics and thought the song was pretty good & amusing. I tried to play the song again and it would not play. Please review my music at this link:

I can definitely see what aaron is meaning and talking about. It's a nice boppy song, that has a few timing issues that hopefully will improve. Sometimes, I can't actually tell what the lyrics are singing and such. Decent guitar work. Is the background voices supposed to mean a crowded bar setting and locale? "Maybe I should go to church" was a humorous addition and ironic one, to me

I liked that the lead was toned down for this song. Usually I am wanting a very upfront and huge-toned lead to go through, but this one was pulled back to allow rhythm to flourish too. To me, it was a nice song overall. 8.5/10

It's a bit unclear what the singer is singing sometimes, but he has a very nice sound. I think the rhythm guitar was a bit too monotonous in the verses, but solid guitarwork nonetheless (especially the nice, soft lead). Timing is a bit wonky but it's not very distracting, as the song itself still sounds good this way! like the bridge with the bar sounds, very original!

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Thanks for the feedback. I believe the wavering of the vocals in the chorus is caused by the backing vocal track. he sang in some spots and not others so the levels are a bit off. Thanks for pointing that out!