For 3 string sweeping patterns what would be the optimal way to pick?

^ ^ ^ v v ^ ^


^ ^ v v ^ ^ v

I feel like both have certain aspects that might slow me down or at least aren't optimal.
Maybe I just need to get better at tilting my pick? lol
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The first one is actual true sweep picking and probably the easier one. If you practiced both, though, I'm sure the muscle memory would bleed into your playing and be useful for some other lick. But yeah, if you're gonna pick one, do the first one. Also, don't tilt your pick much. It's ok to do it a little, but most beginner sweepers tilt far too much.
I don't know if your question is theoretical or if you actually are looking for the best way to play that lick, because I think nobody would play that on 3 strings. If you want to use sweep picking a 2 string sweep would feel natural to me.

A while ago I read something from Steve Morse that said to practice everything starting with a downstroke and then do itagain with an upstroke, that way you will be ready to do a lick from wherever whenever. I think doing both would be the most beneficial so you can whip out a sweep from any starting point.