Pink Floyd - Terminal Frost - A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Guitar Cover) by Saurabh C

I admit I don't know this Pink Floyd song, so I can only judge it based off what I hear and such, going piece by piece.

The lead guitar for the intro was amazing quality and playstyle. I saw creativity and originality with this. Quite a nice melody going. Beautiful 7-string too the reverb effects were amazing with this, and the effects added in really cemented the song well.

I could actually picture vocals going along with this, even though it's just an instrumental, and that was actually my knock down with this. I have it in my mind that, if a song can have vocals, it can give it a try at least. My bad if this is crude to state or such.

The horns addition was very nice. I liked that lead got pulled back to rhythm.

Unfortunately, I do have ONE major nitpick to have, and it truly is one. The length of the song. To me, this was more fitting as a 4 minute song or even close to 3 and a half. I found I skipped past the 3 minute mark to various other parts, as I got impatient. That's on me, though, not necessarily on you, mang.

Since I don't know the song itself well, I will have to grade based off what I heard. You did a phenomenal job, and everything was tight and well with the song. The length just got to me, is all. 8.5/10