I've got a 335 type semi-hollow and I'm about to put some filtertron-type pickups in it. Is there a benefit in wiring it differently?

This guy says "it's important that the hot signal from the input jack does not go to the center wire of the volume control instead it goes to the top of the pot". Presumably something like this on the TV jones site. Any truth in that? The problem with this advice is that he's talking about Gretsches which have a master volume going to the jack, so I'm not sure how to do this with the VVTT setup on a 335.

Or should I just wire it according to whatever normal 335 scheme I choose?
"This guy" has a point this is what is called no load volume if i remember right and it can be superior I haven't tried it personally. The guy also claims "and this way adds a little more push as in mids and bass response" but for a reassurance would there be volume control? that would be my first question as i'm on the fence about that one

all the pros this guy boasts about honestly you can achieve these perks other ways without ever touching a soldering iron.
usually I use linear pots as many know on here. If I want more bass or mids I'll use thicker cored strings like GHS has out or Dunlop heavycore or perhaps more bass with pure nickle strings like everyone used before nickle plated steel strings existed. Not to say pure nickle strings are the best ever as every guitar has different needs to the point I love them on one guitar and hate them on another waiting for them to go old and clip them off. But if I learned anything from modifying guitars is everything affects the tone. Even picks.

this paired with a no load tone pot would be a very interesting concept as people swear removing a tone capacitor gives you a brighter sound . It's on a lot of guitars like the Yngwie Malmsteen model fender to the deluxe fenders, or you can buy/achieve it a few ways without paying lots of money.
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