Hi all - actually joined with the intention of just asking a single question, but after checking the forum rules, it seems I am doomed to do this socialising whassname that everyone keeps telling me is good for me! So, why not some introduction? After all I have been using the Ultimate Guitar tabs without giving anything back for a loooong time now!

I've been "playing" guitar for over 15 years. The reason I quote "playing" is because I suck at sticking to it - so probably translate those 15 into about 3-4 years of actual proper practice! Recently bought myself a cheapo electroacoustic after hearing some inspirational stuff while browsing Youtube, and am actually enjoying it significantly more than the electrics (and one abortion of an acoustic that I don't think the shop should even have had on sale!) that I'd owned in the past. There's so much more variety in the sounds that I can create now without delving into the time sink that FX pedals can so easily become!

Anyway, that's my little intro, and I hope to have a great time here :-)

Oh, I should probably add - the Google login doesn't work - just redirects to a blank page. I'm a software developer by trade so I fully understand how finicky OAuth2 protocol can be to set up for Google Auth, but does anyone know where I should report this?
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