Alright, so recently I've broke a string. I've been playing guitar for about a month under a year and i havent restrung by myself yet, only watched a guy at a shop do it then help me understand it. I messed it up pretty bad at first, but managed to get the first four (6 to three) strung and all good. When I tried to do the first string, I did something to mess it up beyond fixing and now I haven't got a first string.

The strings I used to restring it are pro-light, not sure what that means whether its extra light or light, but I don't have another pack of them. I have another pack of strings which are medium

My question is: If i took the two higher steel strings from the medium pack and used it to string the guitar, would it really make a difference along with the light strings that are already on it?

my guitar is an epiphone ej-200sce
You are talking about the B and E being used from a medium-gauge pack while the rest of the strings, G to Low E, are a light gauge?

You will probably feel a difference because the B and E are thicker relative to the light set, so they will require more tension and will feel tighter, compared to the G to Low E strings which will feel looser. Nothing should blow up or break, though.
Yes. The low e to g are light gauge, I was wondering if it was okay to use a medium gauge for high e and b.
yeah i must just head out to the store and get another pack or two of the ones i have on
^ Listen to this guy. Don't forget the stretching part! It'll save you lots of re-tuning. I usually stretch, and re-tune mine 3 times, and after that she'll barely budge outta tune.
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