Hi 'I own a 1998 epiphone slash snakepit 'there was only 1500 made so I never wanns sell it so if im gonna keep it I want to upgrade it so it sounds as good as it possibly can 'im obv a big slash fan so should I get the alnico pro 2 pickups or the ones he used originally which I think are the 57/59s or something? Enlighten me with your knowledge !
If you're keeping it as a collectible you probably don't want to modify it, just my opinion. On the other hand, I'd be surprised if that guitar ever ended up being very valuable, Slash has had tons of signature guitars over the years.

That being said, whatever amp you're using is going to be way more important for getting a good sound. Assuming you have the right kind of amp either of those pickup sets would work. It's just going to come down to preference.
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I agree with the above poster. If you are keeping it for its collector value don't make any modifications to it. If you do end up modding it, make sure to keep the original parts.

I can tell you that once a collectable guitar is modded I personally will look at other options.
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If you want to keep it for collector value then you should keep it as it is, but if you don't care i would say go with the Alnico Pro 2's. I have a set of Alnico Pro 2's currently in my Les Paul and they are awesome. The pups Slash originally used in the 80's are basically the same exact thing, but the Alnico Pro 2's have a bit more output which really adds to the tone.
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