I am considering selling my LTD GL-600FB. Its in near perfect condition with only one tiny scratch near the input jack. Also, it's got George Lynch's autograph on the back of the headstock. Does anyone know what might be considered a fair price?
Signature guitars generally have very little resale value.

I suggest looking at how much other signature LTD 600 series guitars sell for on ebay. Not how much the seller wants to sell them for, but what the buyer actually bought for them.
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i couldn't dream a realistic price. autographs make it even more tricky. i don't think you are going to get what i am thinking you want out of it.
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I posted it online with the price tag "make me an offer". Someone offered 700$ and I took it.
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I posted it online with the price tag "make me an offer". Someone offered 700$ and I took it.

damn you got a deal and they got ripped off bad
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You made out like a bandit on that Deal, a guitar that lists for around $1000 new usually brings more like $400-$500 if it is in great shape and not too old, factor in how unique this guitar is (signature model/graphic etc.) and that can really cuts down the pool of prospective buyers, looks like you got lucky and found a die hard GL fan!
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