I was jamming out to the piano part last night at a party. Cool vibes. I like how the G and the C# are tritones. Then I wrote these drum variations the other day, doing golden ratio subdivisions of the numbers 5 & 8, and their inversions. Then I came up with the pentatonic arpeggios today, I really liked how they turned out. The last note of the F# pentatonic arpeggio (D#) leads into the D# pentatonic arpeggio really well, and the last note of the D# pentatonic arpeggio (A#) leads into the F# pentatonic arpeggio really well as well it might sound non-musical to pretty much everyone but me, but to me, it stands as a single perfected musical idea and it flows and creates a particular atmosphere. I could saturate it in effects and layers, but the layers wouldnt have the same kind of perfection the "dry" version has.
jeeez dude I am really digging those golden ratio subdivisions of intervals 5 and 8 and their respected inversions. It sounds very musical to me actually it has that whirley bubbly atmospheric obtuse hip confused jazz band in some obscure speakeasy jazz club sound. Check out my new shit right https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1696575.
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