Track title: Pledge of Discord
Link to track: https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/andres-pledge-of-discord

Hey folks,

It's been awhile since I've posted here. I've had the stomach flu over the past couple days and I decided to finish a track I've been working on for a couple weeks. I've been trying to play with layering my vocals. My voice itself still could use some work. That being said, I appreciate all feedback and will be happy to return the favor.

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It starts out a bit sudden. Really enjoying the riff at 0:14. Nice!
Cool breakdown at 0:44. I think it should have a bit more drums, to make that first part heavy. Good build-up before the solo
I think that tapping part at the end of the solo should have been without the rythm guitar. To make it stand out more.
Really digging the vocal part. Fits the song.

All in all, good job. The last part with the vocals was my favorite.

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Hey silvadolla good to hear from you again. You have a unique style I could probably pick out your playing in a lineup from 50 guitarist playing lol. The intro comes in hard and abrupt with the main melody. The rhythm guitar at 15 seconds sounds raunchy and has a nice airy grit to it and the riff makes your head move. The part starting at 44 seconds transitions well riff wise but I do not like the fuzzy tone, nice pinch harmonics though. DUDE that solo I think might be your best solo to my ears the phrasing is so nice a lot of emotions coming off from it good job.. wow. The vocal outro not that great I notice some improvement in your vocals but I do not like all that reverb or whatever on it.

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Hi Silvadolla,

I quite enjoyed this track. It has some really cool parts in it. I really liked the buildup to the lead riff at 1:17. It had a real arch enemy feel to it for me. As some of the other reviews have stated the start is quite abrupt, a bit of feedback on the front of a drum lead in might introduce the song a little better. But cool riffs, tasteful lead playing and an interesting song structure.

It would be cool to get your feedback on this:
Critting as I go (As I feel it is more effective) so here goes!

Loving the lead in the intro, though it feels a tad loud. Other than that it fits perfectly. The riff at :20 is heavy as balls, and I am thoroughly digging it. The bit at :45 is a cool little change in the song as well, and the bit around a minute caught me off guard (which is good). The riff behind the leads at 1:20 were a nice fit, and I loved the drop out. The effects on the vocals are a bit heavy, but are very Henry Rollins-esque. Not alot wrong with the song, other than some mixing issues. But heres' a few tips on that, at least that I've found useful lol.

I usually use Compression on my bass tracks usually a 10:1 @ -9dB to really bring out the level the bass, and I mix my guitars 100% Left and Right (Usually only have 2 rhythm tracks), and I use the 10:1 @ -9dB compression on my leads as well, and try and pan them around 15-20% left or right depending. You can also use a compressor on the drums as well, I like to do it just so it levels everything out and makes stuff pop a bit more. Usually I use a 3:1 @ -5 or around there. Hope this helps

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