I haven't been around in a long time on this site, but since then I have gone through a bunch of gear. I have had and sold:
Peavey Valveking Comobo
Mesa Single Rectifier 50 watt
Peavey Vypyr
Peavey 6505+
EVH 5150 III watt

I don't own an amp head right now, and I am in the market for a versatile head that can cover everything from country to modern metal.

Ideally 25 watts and under would be awesome, as I live in a small house and my last venture with my EVH would have the neighbors pissed.

I do like to play metal, but dab into the softer stuff. Some of my guitar influences are Mark Morton, Mark Tremonti, John Petrucci, and Bill Kelliher. Catch the trend?

I am seriously eyeing one of the Mesa heads, the 35 watt MKV really has my eye, but what else is there I should look into that would give me a nice set of tones from clean to heavy?
More gear laying around then I know what to do with, and still buying crap.
The MKV:35 sounds like a good choice for what you want. If you're concerned about the volume then this amp will still be too loud if you crank it up. . . .
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if you want 25 watts get the MK 5.25 ...... the guy I bought my MK V head from went with a MK 5.25 , he says he likes it better for home use
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